ePMP1000 with new FCC Rules

Does anyone know what the status will be for the current ePMP1000 radios come June 2016 when the new FCC rules kick in for OOBE on radios in the 5GHz band?

Does this affect output power on any of the existing manufactured radios?  Or will it be game as usual for ePMP1000?

From Silex Unwired: "All new certifications and permissive changes must be approved under the new 15.407 rules after June 2nd, 2015. For products certified under 15.247,  5 GHz band cannot be sold unless they are re-tested and re-certified under 15.407 rules after June 2nd 2016."

Basically, all equipment manufactuered on/after June 2016 will need to be re-tested/re-certified and will need to adhear to the new rules. Equipment manufacturered prior to that date is grandfathered UNLESS it's re-certified e.g. a manufactuer decides to add new channel widths, which I believe requires re-testing and thus the firmware update to that grandfathered radio would need to follow the new rules.

Cambium also has a post on this as well.


Thanks for the explination.  I understand that, but that doesn't answer my question.

Has the ePMP1000 been recertified?  If so, how has the recertification affected output power levels come June?  If it hasn't been recertified, what is the plan come June?

I'm trying to plan network longevity here.  If come June my PMP1000 units can no longer be purchased new or have drastically reduced power levels, that's going to cause hardship.

I couldn't really comment on that. Hopefully the staff can comment...

I would also like to hear from the Cambium staff on this subject.


ePMP is certfied under the old rules (rules prior to 2 June, 2015), as Eric mentioned. We will be recertifying ePMP under the new rules and be compliant by June 2016. The impact of recertfying is unknown at this point. We expect either to lower power at the band edges or simply remove a channel at the edge to comply to the new rules on the current ePMP platforms. Our ultimate goal is to ensure there is minimal impact to the current capability of the platform once recertified against the new rules.