I need some advice on 5 GHz ePMP 1000 products on a kind of network setup in layer 2.

1)How should i configure in the AP and SM so that this becomes transparent in the network. When i put the router on the AP side. I can see over my router that the AP & SM both have IP address which should not have in layer 2. 

2)can i put the router at the SM in DCHP mode to assign IP address to the devices in the network or it needs to be at the AP side?


The radios by default are transparent. The management interface is logically separated. You can move the management off to another vlan. Te router can be infront or behind the SM.

If you have multiple SMs it can be done to let a dhcp server to sit behind one, but is highly not recommended for both security amd performance reasons. If this is a point to point, it wont matter, how ever if its at the SM side, and you want to send through the AP, you’ll need to tick that option in the CPEs settings