ePMP180 GUI displayed as ePMP1000

I just bought used ePMP180.

What distracting me is the GUI displayed as ePMP1000, although I already upgrade the firmware from 3.5 to 3.5.6

What should I do next?


-my distributor said its normal.
its seems the engine is ePMP1000

It -is- normal as the 180 falls under the 1000 series. There is a simple fix to this. Log into unit. Go to "Quick Start" > "Device Name". Change name to anything you want and then hit save at top right hand corner of screen. 

That is correct, all of the ePMP 802.11n devices (except for the ePMP2000 AP) are ePMP1000 devices.  The 'Force' in the name implies more directionality in the antenna, with higher numbers being higher gain and smaller beamwidth.