ePMP2000 BSA beamwidth specs

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I have a high noise city environment and I'm looking at using the ePMP2000 with the BSA.  Because of the building density, my range is short (sub 1km, possibly <= 500m) and I'm mounting on tall buildings so I'll need downtilt.

Does anyone have any details about the elevation beamwidth of the BSA?  I need to calculate my downtilt, coverage, null etc.

Also, what is the horizontal beamwidth and gain of each beam?  If they're not less than 30 degress, I'm wondering if 3 x 30* horns would give similar results.

I did have a quick search on the forum but couldn't find any of these details (but my wife does tell me I'm a typical male when it comes to looking for things).




Also, the sector antenna has an electronic tilt of 2 degrees

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Yeah, I've read the product specs and datasheet, but I couldn't find the info that answers my question.  Am I missing something?

Hi richinuk,

Please note Smart Antenna is used only for Uplink.

In Downlink AP transmit only through Sector Antenna.

So you should adjust Sector Antenna to cover needed Area.

Please find Sector Antenna patterns:

Smart Antenna is usually located straight below Sector Atenna fixed on special mountings..

It is not quite correct to say Smart Antenna has some specific elevation beamwidth.  Smart Antenna dynamically forms beam for each specific case. But in general you can consider Smart Antenna elevation beam is 90 degrees.

Thank you.

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Hi Fedor,

So the above Pattern is for the smart Antenna? or the 90/120 Antenna? I am assuming the later.

If so can you please provde the pattern for the BSA.

Hi Chris,

Yes, it is antenna patterns for Sector Antenna above.

Smart Antenna patterns are chnging dynamicaly.  It operates on range in 90°.

And forms narrow lobes in UL in direction of every SM module.

You can check related thread as well:


Thank you.