ePMP2000 capacity for each SM

Hi all.we have epmp2000 working 20mhz with lite version supporting only 10 SM, i need know if the capacity is share for both 10 Sm or each has your capacity independently ?

By default it's shared medium... but depending on how your configure the AP's frame ratio, and MIR for each subscriber, you could set things up to deliver dedicated bandwidth to each subscriber. You need to consider if you want to deliver CIR (committed information rates) or MIR (maximum information rate, aka best effort rates) to each subscriber... or even a mix of CIR and MIR subscribers.

Example... assuming that your AP is capable of 100mbps aggregate using a 20MHz channel width... if you wanted to deliver dedicated/symmetrical (CIR) bandwidth to 10 subscribers, you'd set the AP's TDD frame ratio to 50/50, and then set each subscriber's MIR to 5mbps down, and 5mbps up. This configuration would (help) ensure that at any given time all 10 subs would get their 5/5 allocation, even if all 10 accessed the AP at the same time. This scenario is only beneficial when trying to deliver all CIR plans to subscribers. As you can see it doesn't allow for over-subscription.

Example... same AP assumptions as the example above, but now let's say you want to give those 10 subscribers 50mbps download and 5mbps upload plans and you're using an AP TDD ratio of 75/25. If one subscriber did a speed test, they would see 50/5 speeds. If two did a test at the same time... they'd each see 37.5mbps DL, and 5mbps upload. So you can see, the more subscribers that try to use the AP at the same time, it will split up the bandwidth between them. This scenario is beneficial when trying to deliver services based on over-subscription.