ePMP2000 Horn Antenna + Smart Antenna

Hi all,

Does anybody have experience using ePMP2000 with Smart antenna and Horn antenna instead of Sector?

Thank you in advance.

We are waiting for our stock of 60 degree horns from RF elements and the accompaning twist ports for epmp 2000, however from the documentation of the twist port i dont see the allowance to connect the smart antenna. Epmp 2000 works perfect just as it is (with aboth the 2 cambium antennas). infact it is due to curiosity that we too want to try the horns on epmp2000 

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There shouldn't be any reason you couldn't use the smart antenna with the twist port... the smart antenna doesn't need to physically be attached to the horn. The only possible problem I could see (not talking about performance issues, but just making the things work) would be if the cables to the smart antenna were too short because how the radio mounts to the horn might put it a bit further away than it would normally be, but I doubt that would be an issue, and those cables could always be extended, if that was the case.


Once you get under 60 degrees of beamwidth on your sector/horn the benefit starts to diminish some.  If you are already talking at a narrow beamwidth the add on antenna isn't going to be as huge of a benefit on a 60 degree horn vs a 90 degree sector.

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Thank you for your comments.

One of our customers is interested to run Horn Antenna with Smart Antenna.

I just wanted to understand whether someone already has experience with same deployment.

Thank you.