Epmp2000 Kick Sm After 16 days

Hello everyone, am new to cambium but io have noted something not ussual on one of our Ap. It kicked out all sm, it has been merely 16 Days up. After a reboot all sm come back. The Ap is in the 5500 freq, well connected to the cloud licensing server and cnmaestro. Gps sync up ok.What would be the issue here.

Since this is in the 5.4GHz band and all SM's went down you most likely took a DFS hit due to a radar signature being heard at the AP. Perhaps you can try a different non-DFS band like 5.1 or 5.8GHz. 


Also though of it but i could not get any cleaner frequency in the 5.1 & 5.8. But will try it out.