epmp2000 needs to work with cmm5

The cmm5 not working with the epmp2000 radio is maybe the only cambium product that does not work with each other. We see to many people have issues with the puc to use it and we are rate limited to 10/100 on the cmm4 ports. we have no way to use a 40mhz channel...

Please get epmp2000's working with the cmm5 asap. It will at least help to try and tie us over until the 3000's are finaly out which is still going to be many months.

Can we get a update on this?

Think of all that extra money cambium could make now that people would be buying cmm5 kits to replace cmm4 kits for the 1000base ports.. ;)

Ray, this was set to under consideration back in Feb. Whats the new update for? Any progress on this?


We investigated it and unfortunatly we are not able to do this without hardware respin. The decision is to drive toward ePMP3000 with CMM5 support.

In case you have any issues with GPS pucks on ePMP2000 please shoot me an e-mail at dmitry.moiseev@cambiumnetworks.com



So we just tried using the internal gps of a 2k and come to find out, when you select internal you lose the ability to do freq reuse front/back. It vanishes from the option menu. We had to do this becuase we had to upgrade our power system from 24v with a 48v converter to a 24 and 48 v system. We added 3 more epmp radios and a medusa and it was too many amps, the converter kept shutting off. In the midst of changing all this around, we discovered that we were getting voltage from the 24vinput coming out of the 48v input on the back of the cmm4. We kept tripping breakers and burned up 2 dc distribution ports on our power system. The only way to go around this was to completely kill the cmm4 using any 48 v (56v) and use only the cmm5 for power of the 48v gear. Now we have no gps sync..frustrating times to love cambium.

All the ePMP2000 has a built-in GPS antenna(you don't even need exteranl GPS puck). Did you try this option by any chance?