ePMP2000 Results


Just sharing some of our work with ePMP2000 and the current results

Could you share yours?

Thank you

Yellow: Speed tesst to a CPE 21.14 Miles from AP


40.7 Downlink

31.9 Uplink


ePMP2000 with smart panel

Firmware 3.3



Flexible mode


This is great. What is the application? Residential or business end customers?

Only business

We do 5x5, 10x10 and 20x20 mb Symmetrical and 5x1, 10x2, 20x3 for A-Symmetrical on PTMP

For PTP we start at 20 Symmetrical to 250 depends of distance.


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Can you share spectrum analisys as well ?

In our country (Italy), is just a nightmare

Here you go, probably worse that your area

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What is your setup on the customer end ? Any idea what the link looks like without the smart panel ? Are you in FCC land , what kind of power you set at ?

Really curios here. Using ePMP 2000 radio/sector without the smart panel and using Force 200s on the customer end I can only dream of a 20 mile link.  My max link with a Force 200 to a 2000 sector is just under 8 miles  with -72/-76  SNR of 22/23 and MCS of 12/12 using 5210 in FCC land so max 20dBm.  Using 5200 so only allowed 20dBm power here in FCC land but still, holy cow at 8 miles you have -49 !?

Using Force 200 on both ends for a PTP link (though using DFS freq so reduced power)  at just 11 miles I can only get -66  (though my SNR is 35 and MCS is 15/15)  so -53 at 21 miles on a sector blows my mind.

Hey leisser, what channel width you using on that test?

Im using 20 Mhz channel, too noisy, can't go over 20 Mhz

Same client, CPE side


You can't use force 200 to get 40Mb on 20 Miles, I was able to get 33x5 mbs on 13 miles PTMP link, but that's about it.


Here is the tower


you shared spectrum parts from 5720 on, but you use 5240 as main frequency. 

can you share spectrum on you channel range?