EPMP2000 system collocation

Hello everyone! I'm from China. My English is not very good. I hope you can understand what I mean. Thank you all!


My equipment:
ap(epmp2000 system):C050900A231A 1PCS +C0500900D021A 1PCS + C0500900D020A 1PCS
SM:“FORCE 180”  and “force 200 ” and  “C050900C031A” and “force110 ptp”  and “force110“
My question:
1.What's the minimum firmware version of SM?
“FORCE 180”  and “force 200 ” and  “C050900C031A” and “force110 ptp”  and “force110“
2. "C050900C031A", "and", "force110 PTP", "and", "force110". Can I use it? sm


I'd like to propose you to use the latest Firmware version - 3.3 Release.

It is supported for every device type.

Please find the link below to download it:


Minimum Firmware versions are:

Force180/200 - 2.4.2 Release.

ePMP2000 - 3.0 Release

Force110 - supports every FW vesrion starting 1.1.6 Release.

Thank you.

I was led to believe by a Cambium Rep that 3.3 was not a good firmware and I should avoid it.

Feel free to PM who told me this Fedor.