ePMP3000 and Force 200 compatibility


I would like to know if the new ePMP3000 are compatible with the force 200:

- If it´s compatible, what version do we need in each unit?

- If not, is going to be compatible in the future? When?


They are not currently compatible, however will be in the near future with FW.

What ???, I'm lucky I just buy one for testing purpose.

ePMP3k is backwards compatible with 802.11n ePMP radios like F180, F190, F200, etc on the 4.3.1 beta firmware, but 802.11n ePMP radios will need to be on a 4.x release, which is not yet available for 802.11n ePMP radios. 3.5.5 is currently the latest release for those radios. I'm not sure of the timeframe on this, but I would expect it to be available in the near future. 

Do you know when the force 200 4.x firmware will be released?


I am also looking for this, or does the 3.5.6 *SM* beta support this compatibility? I'm willing to try it, has anyone gotten a force200 connected to their 3000 AP?

3.5.6 doesn’t support ePMP 3000.
You need 4.3.x which is not currently available, but they say it will be available soon!

And what about ePMP elevate for UBNT ant MT? Will you make 4.x firmware available for those? Need to plan our purchases this year.

I don’t know about elevate firmware, maybe someone from Cambium can answer to this question :slight_smile:

What is the plan for elevate and ePMP3000? How far is development?

4.x will be available for all 11n platforms currently supported by ePMP. The release is around the corner. We are busy doing alpha testing.