ePMP3000 Antennas

I know that Cambium's sector will be the go-to Antenna for ePMP3000 APs.  But, does anyone know what other antennas are available?  Does/will KP have antennas, or what other options are there?

Specifically - I'm wondering if there will be a 4x4 Omni?  I know, Omni's are evil - but we have a couple places where there are small sub-divisions with 10 houses within a few hundred meters, and we were planning to upgrade them to ePMP2000's with 2x2 Omnis... but if there are 4x4 Omni's available... maybe we will do ePMP3000s there.

Kp makes a 4 port and 8 port 5ghz panel.

Omnis, not sure. Part of me is curious if you could use some small ubnt wide angle 120 sectors, those tiny 16g120 sectors and point them different directions perhaps?

Not sure I would use a 120 degree sector (noise vacuum). Even Cambium is getting away from the 90 degrees sectors for the ePMP 3000, which is a 70 degree antenna.  I most definitey would not use a Ubiquiti sector. Their antenna plots and data seem to be less than informative and possibly pushing deceptive. Plots are too perfect with nearly no azimuth, elevation, or back lobes. Just compare the Ubiquiti plots to any Cambium sector plots, you will instantly see a big difference.

I am sorry. I think i read this post out of context...in relation to omni-directional. My apologies. My stance on Ubiquiti plots still stands though for sectional use. 

I completely agree ubnt antennas suck, and the plots look doctored to a degree, but when a micropop is in question to replace an omni, they’re ok. For macrocell use, definitely not. Need a quality sector. Cambiums are a good performance for price in that area.

Id like to see cambium develop a microcell antenna for the 3ks. A low gain 4x4 omni or even better a 8x8 10db so we can run 2 of them.

We’ve pulled away from macrocell design and gone to nearly all small cell for deployments for capacity reasons.

Mimosa makes a pretty nice looking 4x4 5ghz omni, which looks like it should work pretty good with an ePMP 3000.

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@Mathew Howard wrote:

Mimosa makes a pretty nice looking 4x4 5ghz omni

OK, thanks - I'll check that out. :)

On a mostly-related subject, the datasheet says it works with the 4x4 MIMO sector AND with an optional "steering antenna" - Can we get confirmation whether or not that's the same optional steering antenna used on the ePMP2000 sectors?


Same smart antenna.