ePMP3000 AP all SMs disconnecting

I am seeing these logs on EPMP 3000 running firmare version 4.6.1:

Oct 20 13:51:18 ePMP19 - nuevo kernel: [497565.213499] SM[00:04:56:c4:b8:5e] aid=36 disassociated. Reason: 48 (COMMUNICATION LOST)
Oct 20 13:51:15 ePMP19 - nuevo kernel: [497561.578468] SM[00:04:56:c5:f1:30] aid=90 disassociated. Reason: 48 (COMMUNICATION LOST)
Oct 20 13:51:03 ePMP19 - nuevo kernel: [497549.427474] SM[00:04:56:e5:02:a7] aid=9 associated with AP
Oct 20 13:51:01 ePMP19 - nuevo kernel: [497547.718763] SM[00:04:56:f3:fc:e5] aid=74 disassociated. Reason: 48 (COMMUNICATION LOST)
Oct 20 13:51:01 ePMP19 - nuevo kernel: [497547.353791] SM[58:c1:7a:4b:66:8d] aid=63 disassociated. Reason: 48 (COMMUNICATION LOST)

the equipment is an epmp 3000 and the drawback is that all SMs unlink for about 3 or 5 seconds and then re-link to the AP.

Attached capture of the result of the spectrum analysis of the AP.

The firmware version of both the AP and the SMs is 4.6.1.

Hello @Franco_Santiago_Capp,

do all SMs in sector disconnect or only some? Did you check what is going on on SM side? Spectrum, log messages, SNR, RSSI? You can have interference on SM side and it can be intermittent.

Also you can submit a support ticket https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/, attach Tech Support Files from AP and couple SMs in question and we will try to sort your issue.

To grab TSF:
GUI >> Tools >> Backup / Restore >> Backup Technical Support File

thanks Andrii for the quick reply.

All SMs lost connection with the AP.

I currently have no log information. SNR and RSSI of the SMs.

The AP was configured in a fixed operating frequency, the frequency was changed to automatic selection mode.

At the moment the equipment operates normally.

This sounds like interference that is causing the AP to no hear the SMs. Take a long timed spectrum scan from the AP and when all of the SMs drop off you will have an indication of what is happening.
If you have an SM that you can drop to wifi mode and search the area with then I highly suggest doing so.

This is not exclactly what your having but it may provide a clue as to what to look for.
We commonly get complaints that there is a problem with our service only to find out the customer just got a new WIFI router and the 5ghz is left at auto and high power. Have them quickly set the 5ghz AP to specific frequency that we provide and have them drop the default power down and the problem goes away.