ePMP3000 PoE on 24V DC system


what PoE injectors do people use for the ePMP3000 if they have no mains available. Most of our base stations operate on 24V DC and the ePMP3000 is the only device we have so far that has no option as far as I can see to either connect DC directly or use a passive gigabit PoE injector. I have looked at the Tycon TP-DCDC-2448GD-HP which has a wide range input and 802.3at output but thats not very cost effective and availablility in the EU is another issue. A mains powered PoE switch is not an option, we require a solution for 24V DC.

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A netonix switch will give you great flexibility, both on input and output voltage.

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Thanks for the suggestion, a switch on site would be overkill in 90% of situations. A PoE solution in the form of an injector would be sufficient or if possible a way to use a passive PoE. I have noticed the original ePMP3000 PSU does provide output DC even if a non 802.3at device is connected, I have not seen that on other 802.3at PoE supplies and from what I have read this is non standard. Because of that I am wondering if a passive Gigabit PoE injector with 48V DC would work.



I haven't personally tried it (yet), but I don't see any reason why a passive PoE injector wouldn't work.

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That's a bummer these are not all 48v like the rest of the ePMP series APs. Wonder why Cambium went to a 30v max...

@matkix wrote:

That's a bummer these are not 48v like the rest of the ePMP series APs. Wonder why Cambium went to a 30v max...

The 3000 -is- 56v/48v. 

Sorry I was referencing the 3000L I guess this isn't the best thread for that.

Something like this is what we were looking into when we were considering going dc-dc at tower sites (still havent)


Also, we have a ubiquiti poe switch working as a poe injector, pairs vlan'd. Works fine powering 3000 and 1000's. Though thats AC input

Those particular Tycon ones are 100 Mbit, do probably going to limit you on the AP side of things. :wink: But there are other similar gigabit ones.