ePMP3000L traffic outages

After deploying ePMP3000L instead of epmp1000, we have strange outages. Maybe 10 times a week for different lengths of time, at different times. Most SM antennas in the sector will stop working. The data does not pass, the antenna looks like it is connected (from the AP's point of view), the devices behind the SM antenna do not get to the Internet. The SM antenna does not respond to ping or SNMP. From the snmp from the AP, it looks like the data is only going in one direction. I enclose graphs from Zabbix. I tried FW from 4.4.3 to 4.5.

Hi Pavel

I have lots of these out there and not seeing any issues with both Force 200 or Force 300 SM's.

Are you running your AP Bridge or NAT?


Are you able to check the logs on the radio ? If so, see if you have ;


Looks like it happens with  1000/2000/3000  .  Might be what you are seeing. Been several post with this issue in the forum. 

Run on Bridge. The problem is that no error message is in the log. Even in snmp, the antenna does not appear disconnected.