ePMP3000's are awesome

It’s only fair to give credit when it’s due. These APs are frigging awesome right. I still see occasional self reboots but this can be two months apart. The first 12-18 months was very stressful, back in 2019, but their performance now is just awesome, and i’d rather have them than any UBNT gear (i’ve not tested their new 60/5ghz kit).

The way you can set max MCS means going through some trees I can get rid of all retransmits, for every single CPE. If you look at the retransmits stats you’ll see 0% on every single CPE radio, in both directions.

I run 80MHz channels and can get over 200Mbps to every client, many over 300 and some over 400. I have no noise in the area yes, but one AP has a clean view of the city and can still run full 80 wide channels with no retransmits and over 200dl and say 30ul.

I love epmp3000. Thank you Cambium engineers. Now please fix the F400/425 stability :wink:


Thank you, @riddle, for your feedback!
I will pass it to engineering team!

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