anybody have a problem with a long cable eth with this?
In a environment with a few FM Radio interference… eth bouncing from 10 to 100 and back to 10Mbps.
In the same place, change it’s with epmp2K then eth go to 1000 !!

Any idea?

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Hello @netreality ,

this happens often when you have your cables along with FM radio cables.

You need a cable that can be grounded. Once, grounded this will sort totally the issue. Do following below specifications from the link Cambium Networks | Rugged Outdoor Cable and shown here:

Do also request the grounding accessories along with the cables.

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Niragira Olympe

Yes sure,
but with epmp2000 all works fine!! why?
I think 3K series have a big problem in the ethernet chip!

Thank you

The difference is in how the e3k do surge protection. It is different from the 1k and 2k series.

Are you on a tower with an FM transmitter? If yes you must use shielded cables, you do not need armored. You must use an LPU on the bottom of the tower before going to the building, this is where you bond the cable drain wire to and earth the system to the tower earth. Do not bond your radio to the tower, just mount it normally and make sure you have a lightning spike above your equipment.

Inside the shelter, you may need to add a large torroid ferrite and wrap your ethernet cable through it. Especially if you share the shelter with said transmitter( they dont usually leak RF, they bleed it!).

If you are on a tower that is near an FM site, I have found it useful to ensure my cable is run inside a protected location. The inside of the leg is usually good. This minimizes the amount of injection your cable is exposed to. On bad sites, we have run fiber and power up to a metal box near the radios, a set of media converters and a very short cable to the radio works wonders.

Hello @netreality ,
make sure the cables are grounded or use fiber patch cables on ePMP 3000 as it has fiber port.

You can find the same advice here:

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Niragira Olympe

Heelo @Olympe
sure I’ve use fiber optics when make 3K on air…
but for 3Klite and F300CSM (PTP) tested with LPU (cambium original and 9dot ASPI) unforunatly eth have a serious problem.

I will check soon 400C in this scenario.


Hello @netreality ,

you need two things:

  1. most important ground the cable.
  2. Have the surge protectors.

I have seen such issues on various vendors on a commonly used tower in the area we operate (East Africa) with many WISP, radio stations, TV stations collocating on the same tower.

This is not just one vendor or radio issue.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe