ePMP4500L - Spectrum Analyzer Issues

I am having an issue with the ePMP4500L spectrum analyzer. It runs fine but my issue is that I cannot enable it on one computer/browser and then disable it on another computer or browser. If I try I get the warning “Only the initiator of the scan can change its value” which won’t let me disable the scan. I have to reboot the AP to get access to the settings again.

I can be even on the same computer, but if I open it in another browser it says I cannot change this setting. That would be an OK thing if it ever timed out with using the set Inactive Logout Period in the AP GUI.

I had the unfortunate situation of enabling it then forgetting to disable it again. I closed the browser and logged out of my computer on Friday. When I came back on Tuesday and logged into the AP on the same PC it showed that the setting was locked with the message I referenced above.

What is the reason for locking the Spectrum Analyzer this way and then not having control timeout?


Just did another test. Logged into the AP on my laptop and enabled the SA. Logged into the AP then on another PC and saw that it shows 2 Active RW Users logged in.

I then closed the browser my laptop without logging out of the AP and logged out of Windows. On my other PC it still showed 2 Active RW users. I waited 15 minutes, which is 5 minutes over the default 10min timeout setting. AP still showed 2 Active RW users. Once i logged back into Windows on my laptop which enabled SA I now show 3 Active RW users and I cannot disable SA as it says I am not the one who initiated the scan.

I had to reboot the AP to gain control over SA again.

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And, there’s no icon or obvious notification on the title bar or main screen that the SA has been left active to wreak havoc. No way to poll or search or graph that information either.

Search out @brubble - he has some great insights on ePMP’s SA :hear_no_evil:.

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Hi @terintamel, thank you for the interesting feedback! I will look into it. Just let me know your FW version!

I am running firmware 5.4.1RC10