ePSK bug

First of all I would like to start with something positive.  ePSK is an awesome feature and unheard of at this price point and is a great part of securing IoT for the SMB without needing a NAC.  I started testing the solution in my lab today.  I was on FW 3.11.1-r2 and added a device using ePSK.  The AP reconfigured as expected and the connectivity worked.  Great!  The issue come up when deleting a user in ePSK.  The AP again goes offline to reconfigure and the SSID pops back up as expected but one problem.  I can still connect with the Passphrase I just deleted.  Not until I rebooted the AP did it deny the client.  I then upgraded to FW 3.11.2 and the results were the same.  This is on an E600 AP.

I tested it again on 3.11.2 and delete does work as expected. I will reach out to you directly for more details.

I  opened a support ticket and your staff confirmed the same result I am seeing.  If the AP is rebooted it will no longer accept the client but thats not really a fix.  I have deleted the entry for the client under ePSK and saved the config.  I have confirmed the AP update completed and I am 15 minutes post delete and my client can still connect.  I can also disconnect and reconnect.  I am very excited about this feature but I shouldn't have to reboot whole sites to support removing clients.