ePTP / TDD difference

Hi, I am migrating my WISP from ubiquiti to cambium. And I have a question about CPE cambium.

What is the difference between having the driver mode in TDD and ePTP slave?

The client radio has to match the Master/AP radio. So if you use TDD PTP or just TDD on the Master/AP radio then you have to set TDD on the slave/client radio. Same goes for ePMP.

ePMP mode for the most part has more thoughput and less latency but you give up GPS sync and QOS  when you use it.

Then let me see if he can understand you. At this moment my AP is configured the driver mode in TDD, if I change my client to ePTP slave it will not match the AP and therefore will not connect, right? Both the AP and my client have firmware 4.5.

Unless there is a bug or they have changed something in the firmware recently a client configured to ePMP will not / can not connect to an AP configured as TDD or TDD PTP.  

Client set to ePMP will only connect to AP set to ePMP

Client set to TDD will only connect to AP configured as TDD or TDD PTP.

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There are some fundemental differences in ideology between UB and Cambium, I would highly suggest that you sit down with the user guide found in the ePMP downloads section. This is explained very well and will most likely answer 99% of your future questions. Welcome to the fold, you'll be glad you came.

More simply:

IF this is NOT a point to point then do not change the AP mode settings. The slaves come set correctly to connect to a AP with the default mode set.

If this IS a PTP link then changing to TDD-PTP will give you GPS sync IF you use a fixed frame (eg 75/25, 50/50, 25/75) If you use flexible frame, then no GPS sync.

Changing to ePTP mode reduces latency but no GPS.

Caveat: Bridge in a Box comes pre-paired to each other. Even though they are slaves, one is set as an AP (master).

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Hi yalarcon,

Welcome to the Cambium team! Please let us know if you have any other pending questions. 

Brubble, Douglas, you are right on the TDD and ePTP and they will not connect to each other.



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