Equipment scanner epmp

Is it on the road map to be able to scan epmp into cnmaestro? 

I will check and confirm soon.


We don't have a scanner in cnMaestro to automatically onBoard ePMP, but you can use the following method to automatically onboard ePMP and other cambium units:



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Additionally, for new installs, the installer app can be used to automatically onboard your SMs into cnMaestro (and always captures the SM's lat/long as well).

cnArcher will support ePMP (and iOS) near the end Q2.

So for the dhcp way I would need to have a cnmaestro server set up localy it won't work with the cloud version? 

Yes DHCP option will work with On-Premises version of cnMaestro only.

We dont support DHCP for cloud as by default device communicates with