ERP of ePMP2000 compared to a typical cell site

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We have a new host for one of our tower sites, and he is requesting info on transmission power of our equipment compared to that of a typical cell carrier (No in-depth details needed, just a general idea). I know that for the cell carriers this will vary highly depending on multiple factors, but on average 100 watts/channel ERP seems to be common. However, I am not sure how to compare that to an ePMP2000 AP, as it displays transmit power in dBm. Is there some calculation I can use to determine the total ERP, so that I can compare it to the 100 watts/channel of a cell site?

According to this document (Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Fields: Guidelines for Cellular Antenna Sites | Federal Communications Commission) an ERP of 100 watts translates to 5-10 watts of “actual radiated power”. So I believe “actual radiated power” is the number I am looking to compare on ePMP. Any help is appreciated

EIRP can be displayed in various ways… as dBm or watts or milliwatts (mw). EIRP is calculated by adding the transmit power of the radio - any attenuators between the radio and antenna + the antenna gain. A typical ePMP 2000 AP operating in the 5.8GHz band will have a maximum FCC allowed EIRP of 36dBm or 4 watts.

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Thanks Eric, that answers my question :slight_smile:

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