ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED from web interface on

Continuing the conversation from:, Chrome on Win 10
http://a.b.c.d/ gives ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
http://a.b.c.d/#/ gives login page.
From Firefox it works fine.
Over IPv6 also works fine.

We did not see an issue with Chrome on Win 10. There is no error connection error even if I open it with http://a.b.c.d/. The Chrome version is 118.0.5993.118.

That’s very strange. The HTTP request ought to be identical in both cases because the /#/ part is handled by the browser after the page has loaded.

Are you sure both requests were made over http? Perhaps one was http and the other was https?

I used incognito mode, to exclude the possibility that some extension was causing the problem.

Thank you for the screenshots. Unfortunately, because Chrome hides the protocol in the URL bar, I can’t tell if you are accessing it over http or https in each case. The security warning in the second screenshot could be from a self-signed certificate over https.

Do you have curl? If so, could you try running these two commands to see if there is any difference in output?


Edit: Screenshots of the requests from the Network tab of the Chrome developer tools might be helpful as well.

I will try with curl later.
HTTPS is is disabled intentionally on the AP, I don’t think I would get the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in this case (or not?).

edit: Nevermind, http works after AP reboot. Strange.