"Error contacting server" while login guest portal on Mac

Hi Cambium support team,

I'm having an issue while trying to connect Macbook Air (OS X Yosemite v 10.10.5) to wirless network with guest portal enabled and voucher code as authentication method.

When you connect to the network using wifi password guest portal window come up as on other platforms but when you login using a valid voucher code "Error contacting server" error message apears on the buttom of the screen (see attached screenshot).

This issue apears to occur only on Macs as other Windows\Android\IOS devices on this network doesn't happen to encounter this problem. Connecting this Macbook to other Cambium WiFi networks  with guest portal enabled causes the same issue.



The issue here is MAC Book IOS started blocking any cross origin requests in their Captive network assist browser or embedded browser which we are calling here. Not sure why they started doing it but this is what’s there now. It used to work few months back but now it doesn’t. We are trying to solve this issue by making some design changes in our solution to avoid triggering any cross origin requests but getting the solution out will take some time, we are actively working on solving this issue and hoping that in next couple of weeks we should be able to roll out the solution. This issue is seen only for MAC Book devices and IPAD/IPhone or any other android/windows devices seem to be working fine. For time being I would suggest that enable Bypass Captive portal config to make things work on all devices, I do understand one does loose the auto pop-up for the Captive portal login but this is what we will have to do for now till the solution is not rolled out.

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Thanks for reply, sandeshkumarb

Fortunately we have a small fleet of Macs and it is a local WiFi network. So I'd just witelist them to bypass the portal compleetly for now.


We have found the solution for this problem yesterday, we are going to apply the patch on our servers soon with the fix.

It will now allow MAC book user to login using CNA browser on our guest portal.


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Thanks for that.

We have started rolling out this fix starting tonight... it will go to all our servers and you need to re-save the splash page in your account. If you see the below notification on the guest portal page

Enhancements to the cnMaestro hosted Guest Portal feature in this release require action from you if you use the social login or payment gateway features. Existing guest portals will continue to work until the 31st of March 2018 or until the next time you make a change to your guest portal splash page. Prior to that date, please hit save on the guest portal splash page and update your external social login applications or payment gateway.
- Update your social login apps and payment gateway configuration with the new guest portal hostname value
- In addition, if you are using a payment gateway, update the Auto Return URL / Callback URL setting in your payment gateway configuration
These values are displayed in the Guest Portal settings under Access Control. The Guest Portal Hostname can be viewed in the ‘Free’ tab. The Auto Return URL / Callback URL value to use can be viewed under the ‘Paid’ tab.

I'm unable to get updates for my XL. The error message says; Error when contacting server: HOME connot connect to the TomTom Server. Your device has not been updated over 20 weeks and map corrections is temporarily not available. Can someone help me on how to sort this one out, see: ShowBox Mobdro Vidmate .

Can you send your radio mac and cambiumId via PM.

Also did you try to re-save the splash page?

Can you send your radio mac and cambiumId via PM.

Also did you try to re-save the splash page?