Error message when trying to add a third node to V1000

My set up is a V1000 setup as a DN and having 1 CN at each of 2 remote locations.
I can create 3 sites without a problem and I can create 2 nodes without a problem, however when I try to save the third node I get this error message “Max node count reached:2” and it won’t create the third node.

V1000 supports a single link. V1000 as POP can only be used for a PTP link. Thats why a limit of two nodes.

Dave Clelland was saying you should be able to use the V1000 as a PMP and have up to 20 CN’s attached to it.

Not really. V5K supports the same.

I had already explained to Dave Clelland about this.

Hello @iseldene, the V1000 is a Client Node (CN) like the V3000 so used primarily with the V5000 Distribution Node (DN) as the connection to the customer premises.

Now both the V1000 and V3000 can be used in PTP mode, in this configuration one of these node does have to setup as a Distribution / POP Node and can even run the E2E controller, but they will be limited to support just the single CN.

The V5000 DN can support 30 Nodes, 15 per sector, the limitation of 20 is more about the number of additional Nodes you can run in a network whilst running the OnBoard E2E controller, whether that’s from a single DN or distributed across many DNs and CNs.

FWIW in build 1.2 the node limit for the OnBoard E2E controller is increased to 30 Nodes. This would allow you to maximise a single DN in a Hub and Spoke.

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Good day.

I have a network that is setup with one fibre point connected to a cnMatrix switch. I have two V1000 units connected to this switch along with a few AP’s.

One of the V1000 units create a PTP link with a remote V1000. There is an AP on the other end of the link.

The second V1000 unit creates a PTP link with a remote V1000, an additional V1000 then creates PTP link with a remote V1000. There is an AP at each point.

My question is, as you can only add two nodes under a V1000 Network (that is created automatically when I am using the onboard E2E), would it be best to add the second V1000 with onboard E2E again? Or would I simply add a second network on cnMatrix and then add the second V1000 to that along with the remote node and link?

Or would I only need one E2E onboard controller enabled for the entire site as they are all technically connected to the same network/switch?

Sorry I hope this all makes sense. Thanks in advance.

Sorry I meant on cnMaestro and not cnMatrix. Thanks


V1000’s onboard E2E can only support 1 CN to make a single point to point. In your case, for your second PTP, just enable the onboard E2E in one unit of the second link.

The v1000 does not have enough processing power to handle more than 2 nodes with the onboard E2E - one is the POP, the other will be a CN.

Hi Dave

Great thanks for clearing that up.

Could you then also confirm that I would need to enable Centralized Prefix allocation across the board?

Would I also need to ensure that I enable Multi PoP / Relay Port on the two E2E V1000s?

Thanks again.

The two E2E networks (two PTPs in this case) should be considered independent networks. So, do not enable Multi PoP / Relay port.

Hi Kiran

Great thanks for the info.

If you have a single POP on an E2E, then use centralized prefix allocation. If you have multiple POP’s on an E2E controller, then use deterministic prefix allocation. In deterministic, the SLAAC assignments for the devices homed into each POP are grouped together in a more logical manner. WIth a single POP on an E2E, you won’t notice any difference if you use centralized or deterministic.