Error NOT in Sync Configuration failed: radio1_drf_num_per_samples:specified parameter greater than

Hello ,
I am configuring some e410 access points and I get the following error:

Error Not In sync configuration failed:radio1_drf_num_per_samples:specified parameter greater than maximun

How can I solve that

Thank you


Please upgrade your AP to cnMaestro recommended version and try to sync the configuration, should help you to fix the issue. 

Please try solution posted in Cambium E600 configuration sync problem

Thank You.

Upgrade to solves the problem, each time we had the same problem when AP was on 3.11.3 or dont remeber exact what fw version was…

I had this problem on 3.11.3-r7

I changed the PER sample rate to 10 and it syncs now.

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