Error on Software Images page

Just installed it on one of my technicians phones and when i get to the software images page i get an error

"Error Downloading manifest: Download error: /storage/emulated/0/cnArcher/software.manifest: X "

retrying doesn't help

I am asking engineering about this.  I have never seen this error, and not sure what it means... will report back when I hear something.

This can happen if you did not give permission to the app to access storage. Please uninstall and reinstall, and when the app asks for permission to access storage, click "Allow".

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I'm getting "Error downloading manifest: Download error: Unable to resolve host": No address.

Is this a known issue? The app is unusable in this state since we can't download firmware images.

This update was provided on a separaete thread last week but pasting here for completeness.

This issue has been resolved.  When you navigate to either the "PMP Software Image" or "ePMP Software Images" screen to download a particular image, click on the REFRESH icon in the top-right corner of the screen.  It will download the latest list of software images.