Error when downgrade ePMP

Hello everyone

I updated my epmp 3000 from 4.3 to 4.5 … I noticed after update the frame size stuck only on 2.5 without any choice … when I decided to downgrade to 4.3 the error shows …
(Error. 2.5m mode is not supported in SW versions below 4.5)

Hello there , did you solve this issue , because i have the same and didn’t know what to do

I’m fairly sure 2.5ms isn’t officially supported on e3K APs, yet. And yes, as you’ve noticed it seems to allow it, if the device was already set to 2.5ms. I think you’ll have to set it to 5ms using another method besides the web interface (ie. command line, SNMP, cnMaestro, or upload a JSON config)