Error when trying to import SM

Hello, I have a SM that we tried to import to a sector and it gives a error: Claimed device details are not available. Then just lists the SM's MSN/MAC (we double/triple checked that they were right), we just had the tech swap out the SM and put the new MSN/MAC in the Spreadsheet. After that it imported with no problems. Anyone have any idea's whats going on here? I have attached screen on the Maestro (Cloud) error.



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I have sent you a PM and I have opened a support ticket for you to get this sorted out.
The cnMaestro team will need to check a few things out on the back end, so I will need some additional information.


Getting the same error today when trying to re-import an SM that was failing heartbeat. Opened a support ticket, but was hoping to see the solution here…

I have had to remove the device from the onboard queue or delete the device from the list of SMs before it will let you add it again.

Normal procedure for us it to 1) remove the CPI data from the SM if there is any, 2) delete/deregister the device from the management tool and finally, 3) to remove the device from the Onboarding/Inventory screen. For some reason this SM would not re-add and kept giving “Claimed device details are not available” whenever we tried to re-add the device.

I submitted a ticket to Cambium with engineering files, but the response was essentially to try again and they could remote session if that didn’t work.

Ended up turning off CBRS operation for the AP overnight to get the customer back online. When I re-added the SM the following morning, it added without issue. Enabled CBRS for the AP and all SMs are online and accounted for. :man_shrugging: