Error while upgrading, until reboot


we already had this problem in 2018:
“(Active Partition): SW update file download failed”, after a reboot it works fine.

Please, can we have a fix for this?

BTW, if I would do a massive reboot (to update all those cnPilot having this issue) I can’t, because I have to select one by one every AP and go tools → reboot.

How this AP is connected to the internet ?
Ethernet, via radio, via GSM ?

Ethernet, but I don’t think this is relevant to the problem.
When you reboot, it free space and is able to update.

Well, today I found a solution to this case. Maybe it will work for you?
Today, when I tried to upgrade the software version on one elevated device, the same error popped up as you :slight_smile:
I had the “Stop update on critical error” function turned on all the time.
Every time I had this error like you.
After disabling this option, everything flashes :slight_smile:
Test it, and I don’t know if you turned it on?

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