Errors and CRC on switch port


I am upgrading my PTP 650 to PTP670 by using LPU Model no : A005030 , since the upgrade i have noticed many crc and input errors on switch port  , i have checked all cables between lpu and odu , lpu and pidu all looking prefect with no issue , can i know where the issue coming from ?

 I am using new LPU 

thanks for yor help 

Hello, is the LPU connected to a cable that has voltage (i.e. POE) on it?  Do you have the Cambium part number of the LPU being used (i.e. C000065L007B)?  CRC errors can occur if an LPU is used on a cable that does not have voltage on it.  This link references another product, but the principle is the same.

I would recommend opening a support case and providing the field_diags file from the device(s) with issue.  Field diags can be downloaded from http://ipaddressofradio/field_diags.cgi

It is also a good idea to verify ethernet negotiation is working properly and whether it is happening to multiple radios or just one.