ES-16 compat with 450/450i ?

Ok i'm looking at a way to reduce risk for our tower sites one of which is reducing the # of copper lines comming into the buildings. 

So what i was wondering is does anyone have any experience using UBNT ES-16's with PMP450 and PMP450i's? The idea would be basically to run fiber up the tower, and then all the pmp's to the ES-16 and to use a UGPS for sync. 

But i'm wondeirng how this would affect things can the ES power the 450 and 450i's without doing weird wiring? Is their a downgrade in going from CMM4's to UGPS?

I am not familiar with the Ubiquiti Edge Routers... is this a PoE switch?  Does it provide 802.3at power output for each port?

You can certainly do power distribution to 450i radios if the switch supports 802.3at, but the 450 radio system uses 30 VDC power with the "Canopy" style pinout, and might not be compatible.

Using a UGPS for every two radios is defnitely a possibility to provide sync over the timing/AUX port.

Is that what you're asking?

(4) 54/24V, 4-Pair
(12) 802.3af/at or 24V, 2-Pair

is whats provided by the switch, so i imagine it won't work for the pmp450 as its 24v not 30v

Well, for 450, you would certainly need to examine the pinout because "Canopy" power scheme is not the same as 802.3af.  It would work with 24 VDC, but you likely need to swap pins.

For 450i, it appears that you can use one of the 12 ports capable of 802.3at power directly.  Consumption of these devices is around 17W, so use that when figuring out your power budget for the device.

Will give it a shot, maybe i'll get lucky.

One last thing i saw you mention 2 radios per UGPS but i saw a diagram with 4 radios on 1 UGPS, is their a limit to the # of radios per UGPS unit?

Would really be nice if Cambium would release a similar device to the EP-S16, basically a sealed tower mounted CMM5+Switch with fiber uplink