ETA on 15.1.5 ?

Are you guys planning on releasing 15.1.5 anytime soon ? I'm planning to upgrade my backbone to 15.1.3 but would rather wait if it's not going to be months. 

I'm going to take a wild guess based on the lack of response for over a week that it won't be ready for while ?


We're waiting on some regulatory approvals before we post 15.1.5. As always, we will post a beta release followed by the production release. Beta is a matter of days and depending on how that goes, we will follow it up quickly with an official release. 


Quick update. We're wating for one more regulatory approval which we expect mid next week. Hoping to get 15.1.5 official out there next week. 

Hi, news?

It is expected this week.

I'd seen Cambium staff suggesting it would be released on Monday, 4/30 - clearly that didn't happen, so is there a new estimated release date?

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Well I saw the official build of the software go through yesterday...

So it MUST be soon ....



Yeah, sorry... got caught in a process-related issue.  Expect this tomorrow.


Just for closure's sake, 15.1.5 is released and available for download here.

If you try it out, and have any issues, comments or other conversation, please post in this Release Thread.

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Testing it on a few of our PMP450m radios ... so far so good :)

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