Ethernet Bridging Disable

Hello All;

There are error message on home screen of PTP650L, that is " Ethernet Bridging status Alarm: Ethernet Bridging Disable". Is there any one know, why this happen?Is there any wrong setting?



Alarm-Bridging Error.JPG

We changed the name of this alarm to Data Bridging Status Alarm in 650-01-20 to distinguish between customer data and encapsulated TDM data from the NIDU.

Could you check the Lowest Ethernet Modulation Mode attribute on the System Configuration web-page please? This will be Lowest Data Modulation Mode in 650-01-20 and later releases.

If this is set higher than BPSK, and the link has not achieved the minimum required mode, bridging will be disabled. You should normally set Lowest Ethernet Modulation Mode/Lowest Data Modulation Mode to BPSK, except in a network with multiple paths, for example a network with a ring topology. Check out Lowest Data Modulation Mode and Data Bridging Status Alarm in the latest PTP 650 Series User Guide for further details.


seems you are right, I will check it soon and plan to upg the firmware.

Thanks for your support