Ethernet Cable Length Issues?

We have a 2.4 Connectorized radio that is 350ft in the air and the POE is about 372ft from the Radio.

Radio---->350FT CABLE—>300SS---->12FT CABLE---->POE–>SWITCH

The Ethernet Interface will work for a while and then just DIE we have only 2 subs on this radio since we just fired it up. On the AP web page it will read link, then NO link. I know that the standard to run Cat5e is ~328FT. Does anyone have anything further that works? Do you think the Module is not getting enought power up the cable? This is Shielded cable with Shielded ends?

try forcing the radio to 10Mbps/Half Duplex. Power may or may not be an issue depending on cable quality.

Also try 10mbps FULL DUPLEX.

Length limitations in shared (vs switched) Ethernet and Fast Ethernet are based on minimum packet size (64 bytes) and the collision domain. Because Ethernet detects collisions, rather than avoid them like Token Ring, the smallest packet (and, therefore, the smallest duration packet) that could be transmitted must reach the farthest node within a certain amount of time. If the packet takes longer than expected – because the cable is too long – the far node can’t reliably detect collisions.

On a full duplex link, however, there is no collision domain; collisions, by definition, can’t occur on a full duplex link. Does this mean that your long link will work in full duplex mode? I don’t know.

3Com switches, apparently, have the the ability to use longer-than-standard copper links, but I’ve never attempted to make it work. Their newer switches have a “Smart Auto-Sensing” capability intended to automatically drop to 10mbps on Cat3 cable. 3Com says, however, that this feature can get confused on cables longer than 100m and may need to be manually dropped to the lower speed. To me, this implies 10mbps can work on longer cables. They make no mention of full or half duplex.

Another option would be to use fiber for the Ethernet link, and devote the copper cable to supplying power. But then you’d have to piece together your own power supply and DC-to-DC converters for the fiber transceiver and Canopy unit at the top of the tower.

Everyone knows the limit of ethernet … 328 (300m). Though you are pushing it past the issue is the communication. The protocol is sensing a timeout/lack of communication across the length.

One thing that can help is changing the size of your packets. Make them smaller so the other end doesn’t wait so long for the “end of packet” frame. The other suggestions of half duplex/10 would also be the next thing.

Is there any way to put a repeater/switch ? Change of Media?(ether - fiber - ether)? Some of our towers are more than 500ft and the cmm module is sitting at 150 - 200ft. From there we finish the connection to the top.