Ethernet connections not staying in place (Force 190)

Just a revisit to this topic. I assume we are the only ones seeing this issue still or it would be fixed by now..

Before, in a previous post we had found that the Force 190 and the Netonix ends didn't seem to like one another and would not "lock" in very well. We figured out that Netonix was ordering "new" ends and they don't like the force 190 radio. So, we got in some UBNT ends in the interim while Chris sent us some older ends that did work properly.

Well, now, the UBNT ends and not seating very well. Don't really click, and can be pulled right out the bottom of the radio with almost no effort..

This can't just be us, nor a coincidence.. The Force series ends look nothing like any other brand of connection if you look close, and now we are running out of brands that seem to lock in properly.. It's not like we are using any different tools than anyone else. Nor would a crimper change the clip of an RJ-45.. What gives, and can people confirm this so Cambium might try and fix it...

I don't know if this will be helpful or not...  We don't have that many Force190's, but all the ones we have seem to click in place nicely, and stay connected. We haven't had a single truck roll to go back to any client (although we don't have many 190's out there).  We use EZ connectors.

The only time we had an issue was with the first ePMP1000 AP's (5ghz and 2.4ghz) where I spent a couple frustrating days climbing a 110 feet up and down, and the radio kept powering off (disconnecting) and after about 1,000 vertical feet climbed, I discovered it was the super heavy duty double jacketed shielded cable I had bought. When I was putting on the weather cover, it was straining the cable.  I drilled out the plastic on the cover for about 1/8th more room and problem solved.  But other than that, I don't think we've ever had a Cambium Ethernet connector problem. :( 

Not sure if you read my other thread a few months ago. 

But, this was a large issue with Netonix ends for us a bit ago. We proved that it was a combination of the netonix end ( a newer batch that Chris had purchased that WAS a different type) and the Cambium radio jack. We had to switch to UBNT ends to keep this issue at bay and not have the problem until Chris got us corrected ends. 

Well, now, the same batch of UBNT ends aren't locking in. They basically barely click, and if you pull on them at all they come out. And never click in there again. I made all kinds of dimension tests and measurements. And basically, the Cambium jack is shorter than any other end we use in the center dimension. This causes the "tab" to not fall down as far, and makes the end not lock.. Look at any other device than a Cambium 190 or even 200, and that center location is larger. Or more open for that tab to move down in to position.

Last time the consensus was to just buy "better" ends.. I'd contend Cambium needs to not try and save $.01 per device and get proper jacks installed that are like everyone else's.

I'll also assume, that like everything else I've had to deal with with Cambium. We are the only ones having an issue. And we are doing something wrong. For all I know, they recommend that same EZ-rj45 you use. or some other brand that no one buys for compliance to their rules and usage. For the life of me, I don't know how a crimper could cause this problem. IMO it has to be the end, or the jack, or a combination of the two.

The only thing I find in common with Chris's bad ends, and now the UBNT bad ends, are that they are numbered on the tabs on each rj-45 end. The ones that worked for Chris were not numbered. And were his previous batches of ends..