Ethernet Inteface Stuck at 10 Mbps

Does anyone else have the issue of PMP-450 APs sticking at 10 Mbps Full on the Main Ethernet interface. We are in the Pacific Northwest and when it is very wet/icy a number of our APs (PMP-450, 450i, and 450m) will drop their interface to 10 Mbps Full. Very often we can’t get them back until the weather improves.

Please don’t recommend a FW update or ask for a log. By the way, I have a great many Ubiquiti APs and never have this issue. In fact, I have never worked with a product that had this issue.

Has anyone cracked the code on this?

Do you share your radio tower with FM antennas?
What cable di you use? What lenght?

Yes, we have considered the influence of high-power FM interference. I want to know why the only devices I have that stick at 10 meg are Cambium. It is a constant battle and a bit embarrassing.

Sorry, I thought you wanted to how how to fix the problem.


Rob, I’m sorry to say it may be a firmware issue. Our installations in west Texas have never shown that issue with fog, dust storms, thunderstorms, ice or snow. I know that doesn’t help much.

That is good to know though. I appreciate your response Rick.

I am also curious about this. Haven’t seen it as much on the newer FW’s, but at my last job I remember seeing this pretty commonly in the ePMP 1,2 and 3k line. Makes me want to dig through the release notes. What FW are you on now?

I run 22.0.2 on my CBRS and on my 5 GHz radios. The thing is, I have seen this for 3 years now on a bunch of different FW versions, both the PMP450 and the ePMP. The 3000L is the worst for the ePMPs, but the 450 Access Points exhibit the behavior in the 450, 450i and 450m. I imagine it is a combination of moisture, temperature and FM interference. I just don’t see the behavior in any other brand of device, ever.

At my last job, we had 2 sites where this issue was most common. One with AP’s mounted on an AM tower running at 5000 watts, and the other surrounded by cell towers and a few FM stations. The devices having the most frequent issues were definitely Cambium (and old Canopy/Tsunami gear that would go down to 10Full). The only relief was stacks of ferrite filters. One cable comes to mind that had about 15 on there to get it to stabilize.

It got slightly better when we updated the grounding on our POE switch in tandem with ensuring the ESD cable wire on the ToughCable was intact. The other gear (UI mostly) would see occasional drops down to 10Full or 100Full, but 8/10 times it was always the Cambium gear. The frustrating part was that a reboot wouldn’t generally fix the issue on the Cambium, but almost always worked on the UI hardware.

Not help for the cause, but have you tried those snap over ferrite filters?

This is very helpful and thank you for your insight. I hadn’t even thought about the ferrite beads. In the spring we plan to rehab the tower grounding and cabling. We will include the ferrite idea. I do think our experiences are quite similar. If I can remember, I will post to let you know if our action yield good results.

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Good luck on the rehab, hopefully you can get some relief from the issue. Another thing we did that would also help with those real “sticky” ones that won’t negotiate higher, was an extended reboot. Essentially just leaving the radio powered down for a few mins (3-5) and then powering it back up.

I’m also in the PNW (North Eastern WA about 30 mins south of Canada)

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