Ethernet outdiscards Count

Have an SM with an Ethernet outdiscards Count that keeps going up.  What does it exactly mean?  The custommer is complaining of Internet sporatically dropping.

I was able to find this under a 450 user manual...

outdiscards Count
This field displays how many outbound packets were discarded without errors
that would have prevented their transmission. (Some of these packets may
have been discarded to increase buffer space.)

I might start by investigating the connected AP's frame utilization, particularly on the uplink, and see if it is becoming oversaturated...

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If you are referring to discards in Statistics ---> Ethernet: Those fields are in reference to the link from the LAN port of your PoE injector, to the customer router or edge device. Usually this is a case of a faulty cable connecting the two. I'd recommend trying out a fresh, known good cable. Verify that all pairs are punched down in each fitting, and that the cable is 1-to-1 pinout wise on each end. 

If that does not resolve the issue, you may have a bad PoE injector interface, or edge device interface. You can try hard-coding your link to 10/Full and see if this stops the discards from incrementing as well.