Ethernet port duplex mismatch while in operation

Hello Team,

We have noticed quite a few instances when the ethernet ports between two radio which are configured for auto-negotiation and working in full duplex mode suddenly failing with one of the radio switching over to half duplex mode without any alarm. 

We would then restore it by switching it to manual mode and then again swicthing it over to auto mode.

What clould be the potential cause of this issue. Is it bad cables ?

Do you have any FM stations close to you?

Most likely cause is interference from Radio transmitters in the 100Mhz region, along with water ingress in the cables.

There is a chance of driver/hardware fault, but i find it less likelly.

Can you share more about the location(s) where you see this happening?

What equipment is on both sides of the cable // cable lenght // is the cable shielded?