Ethernet Stats on v9.3, P9 AP


I have upgraded a couple of our P9 900 MHz sites to v9.3. At one site both APs are forced to 100 Half Duplex (I was having problems with 100 Full possibly due to the surge protectors I have installed there), the ports on the CMM are set to 100 Half as well. I noticed today that under the Ethernet Statistics page on both APs “Ethernet Link Detected” shows a value of 0. The Ethernet connection seems to be working. As I write this of APs has been up for about 25 minutes and I do see 15 CRCerrors. Before switching to 100 Half I had the APs and CMM set to 100 Full, at that time CarSenseLost was increasing all the time, Ethenet Link Detected showed 0.

On a second site APs and CMM are set to 10 Full duplex (due to issues with a high power FM transmitter). On these APs “Ethernet Link Detected” shows a value of 1. The APs have been up for 5 days and show no CRC errors.

Any thoughts on what I’m seeing here?

As my company has just found out, the surge protectors are not meant to be used in conjunction with a CMM.

The CMM transmits sync by basically turning the power on and off extremely fast at a specific frequency. Unfortunately the surge protectors are designed for use with a standard Motorola power supply that you would use with an SM, and will not work correctly with the CMM. This will most definitely cause CRC errors, and possibly cause the radio to not see an ethernet link.

I, and probably many other people here, would recommend getting some Gel filled STP Cat5e cable with shielded ends for all tower runs. It will work far better.

Does anyone have experience with this surge suppressor from Transtector? … 00-324.pdf

I use the CMM3’s and they work great. Much better than the older units that had the screw terminals. At least now you can simplify the troubleshooting process if you have issues.