Etherwan switch not responding to telnet or http

CMM4 software version 3.0. Etherwan firmware version 1.91.0 06

We are having issues with our etherwan switches we have a few that will stop responding to telnet and http requests. The seem to be passing traffic successfully but we can’t get into them. Right now out of a section with 6 etherwans only one is responding.

Do they start responding again on their own or do they need to be rebooted? Do they have a management interface in the same VLAN as subscriber traffic?

Also, version 1.93 is available. Not sure what (if any) fixes are available but I figure it's worth mentioning.

exactly the same problem. after a certain time, a switch ceases to be available for management. ping work but hht and telnet not work. resolved only after reboot etherwan

There is a known problem with flow control I believe. Do you have that enabled anywhere?

(Although my memory isn't totally clear anymore, that may only just affect PMP-320)