EX1010 not online cloud - Connect failed: Couldn't resolve host name

Hi you
I use SW EX1010.

The device is not online in the cloud. I check the network is online


Upgrade firmware it will solve the problem

Hi you

I use lastest fw

So the problem is somewhere on the firewall side that is preventing DNS traffic to your switch.
Check if the network where the device is located is allowed traffic to the Internet to UDP ports 53.

If DNS was the problem, pinging cloud.cambiumnetworks.com wouldn’t work, would it?

Does the cnMatrix provide more detailed logs?

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I have set up DNS and everything is working fine. However I have to use CLI, how do I set DNS on GUI interface

Dns is not problem, probably something with 443 port if switch cannot reach the controller

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Please ssh into the switch, run the following commands and share the full output on the screen of the ssh session.

TX2012RP-EC5640# c t;set cli pagination off;end
TX2012RP-EC5640# end;show management
TX2012RP-EC5640# debug cnm all
TX2012RP-EC5640# c t;no cnm;cnm;end
wait for 5 minutes…
TX2012RP-EC5640# show cnm log


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