EX1010 vs EX2010 - Why Double the Price?

I recognize that most of the EX2000 line has SFP+ ports (Which seems to be the defining difference between 1000 and 2000 series for typical function)… but the EX2010 only has SFP ports!

What is the meaningful difference between the EX1010 and EX2010 switches? Why would someone choose the EX2010 when the EX1010 seems to be just as capable?

Thank you, Chris

Ex2000 series are L3 switches while ex1000 series are L2 switches

I suppose I don’t see double the value there, but thank you for pointing out the meaningful difference that I was missing.


There is a couple of differences, please see below


  • No Out of Band Management
  • No Dynamic L3 Routing
  • SFP limited 1Gbps
  • Lower PoE Budget (1028 = 200W | 2028 = 400W)
  • Lower Throughput (1010 and 2010 are the same)
  • No 802.1ad QinQ

That’s most of them off the top of my head; just curiously, what is your proposed use case?


The use case is primarily for a distributed Wi-Fi network at a small educational farm. There are also some wired devices for lighting controls, computers, phones, and some other devices. It will have 4 switches in 4 different buildings (2x 24 port and 2x 8 port).

Even still, I have only pictured the EX series switches as end-user network devices, not as ISP network devices. I don’t see a strong need for OOB, QinQ, or L3 routing in any of our end-user networks. I figured I would push for SFP+ to help accommodate potential future internal traffic, but the EX2010 doesn’t have SFP+.


Sounds like a cool project; I’d stick with the EX1K for your needs. You’ll be able to run SFP on LAG and get 2Gbps ish.

Also if you don’t already, you get an additional Education Discount when purchasing for education.

It will be nice, the electricians laid the groundwork very well. I was hoping not to have to LAG SFPs since I will run out of SFP ports faster than desired - but I understand the idea. I can run everything on 1 Gbps links without any real issues for now… I just don’t want them to run into bottlenecks in the near future after we complete the installation.

You can only get the education discount if you have references for other educational installations - which we don’t have.

That said, even with the discount, it is still double the price!