EX1XXX 52 Port POE switches?

Checking if there’s any possibility to introduce a Layer 2 52 port POE switch for the small biz market ?

Gets difficult to compete with Ubiquiti and Netgear RFQ’s when the gear is that much more expensive.

Netgear is much cheaper than Cambium :slight_smile:

I really doubt it. Cambium’s trying to take a bite out of the enterprise market which typically has higher profit margins. There are so many manufacturers both name brand and generic that make dumb L2 PoE switches that I doubt that there’s much money to be made. Cambium also wants to tie all these devices together using cnMaestro, which takes additional memory and CPU resources on the devices they make, yet again, driving up the cost and making it more difficult to provide a competitive product for people that just want a ‘dumb’ stand alone network device.

I hear you the only problem is I look after a lot of enterprise clients with industrial sites usually with lots of voip and cctv so need quite a bit of ports.No need for L3/Routing Protocols , just lots of ports usually.Hate dealing with different management planes and different nos’s as my clients get audited regularly so the need to patch environments on a regular basis easily is important.

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Currently we (Cambium) donot have plans to introduce a dumbed down,L2 only, 48 port switch. Removing L3 would not save a lot. It seems like cost is the main topic here. These switches are designed to be robust, reliable, secure, and fully managed (with cloud support). The automated configuration capabilities for ease of use gives you true zero touch deployments for your initial install and day to day operations. This saves you time and money on the operations side of maintaining your network.