$878 US

For 8 POE+ copper jacks, and 2 SFP ports?


Yeah... they forgot to list the most important spec on this switch... that it's made by Cambium with love... and really... who can put a price on that?

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So well said!  :)

I don't really get involved with who to buy from or where to buy, but I would definitely recommend shopping around.   


So it's pretty much a direct competitor for EdgeSwitch 8-150. That sells for about $200.

I've been noticing some weird pricing from my suppliers.I bought a batch of EX2010-P's not too long for around $350 , and now they're asking virtually double the price.Not sure what's going on tbh.

Cany anyone from Cambium comment if there's been a price restructure of equipment ? I've actually had quotes from other suppliers go as high as 900USD for a 8 port switch which is kinda laughable.