EX2052-P availability in EMEA regions ?

Just want to check , has anybody here in the EMEA regions managed to source a unit yet ? I know Covid has really messed up things in terms of distributing equipment but I've had no luck acquiring these units as the distribs have been telling me no availability for the last 3 odd months or so.


Yes, the EX2052-P switches are orderable, available, and are shipping now.  You are correct that in the Feburary and March time frame we had Covid related distribution challenges, but those problems are now behind us.   Your local Cambium contact should be able to help you here.

Just to note, in addition to the EX2052-P, we are also now shipping the EX2052R-P, the EX2052, and the EX2016M-p.   Also our new EX1028 and EX1028-P switches are available and shipping as well.