Expired Session

While logged into an ap, I'm constantly getting logged out after just a minute or two with the error:

Your login session has expired or another user has logged into this device causing your login session to be ended. Please login again.

No one or anything else should be logging into it.  I've changed the password just as a test and it still happens.  This is happening on two aps (all we have up so far)

What would be causing this?  

Do you have multiple tabs open trying to access the same AP?

I've mistakenly done that before.

I don't.  Actually this happens all the time with both ap's .

This can also happen when there is an IP address conflict. Are you sure there are no other ePMP devices with the same IP address as these APs in your network? 

Also try clearing your browser cache. 

No conflicts.  I cleared the browser cache and even tried a different browser (both IE and chrome)  Still logging out after 1 or 2 minutes.

Could this be caused by monitoring software?

I added an additional AP.  I  can stay logged into that AP.  I added it to the  a CMS server and began to get logged out as it is polled.  Removed the ap from the CMS and it works fine.  

Any suggestions?