F200L rssi levels are same with F190

Having seen F200L hitting the market we thought it could do much more better when it comes to signal strength guess what there is no difference between F190 n F200L when it comes from getting rssi…but the ordinary F200 is far better…also F300 was far better in getting signalz but the bad thing it over drop packets on some sectors

First, which firmware versions are you running on your AP, F200L, F200 and F300-25?
Second, the f190 has a smaller dish than the f200L but has a tighter aperture width so will perform slightly better signal wise but have worse SNR.

The f300 dropping packets is usually either too hot of signal or old firmware. You should be on at least 4.7.1 but 4.8.1 is also a good stable option.

There are also other reasons for dropping packets, if your AP has rssi levels all over the place then it is constantly switching modulation rates to communicate with SMs, make sure your SMs are as good of signal as you can get so that the SM is not running full tx power. This will allow the AP to dynamically set each SM tx power so that all SMs will have the same or nearly the same modulation rate.
Have a look at the AP frame utilization rate, it is ok for it to be 100% for short periods but it should not be 100% all the time. If it is either you need to upgrade the AP or split the sector to have fewer SMs per AP.