F300-25 water damage

We’ve had our 2nd F300-25 back haul failure due to water getting into the ethernet port. The first had obvious moisture in the jack, the 2nd had the classic greening and burnt pins. Curious if anyone else has encountered this? We’ve had multiple instances of heavy storms with high wind driven rains as well as heavy ice event during the year plus they have been deployed.

We will be replacing it with a CSM but still have a few F300-25 back hauls out there and I’m considering sealing the covers with a thin silicon layer to try and prevent the issue. We have a third F300-25t that may be experiencing the problem as we have had several unexplained ether0 drop outs in the last two weeks and we will be climbing this weekend to check it out. That is how the most recent failure started.

We have been using F300-CSM on our latest back hauls and will be replacing the current F300-25 radio with a CSM.

May try my hand at replacing the ethernet port on the radio myself.


Can you share MSNs of these 2 Force300-25 units?
About third F300-25, please let me know if you see water issue as well. If not or in any other case not relating to water ingress, please have then upgraded to latet 4.6.1 and see if issue of packet drops persists. Thank you.

They are all running 4.6.1. The corrosion/blackening on both units is obvious so very much doubt its a software issue, but I’ll gather the MSN.


Do your PTP ethernet cables go above the F300-25 before going in to the F300-25? if so, fix that! water will follow the cable to the radio and once it has some momentum, it can follow the cable right inside the radio, also a small crack in the cable will allow capillary action to draw water to the connector and that with the power available will eat a connector off quickly. If the cable comes up and then in from underneath without going above the radio at all then check to make sure the cover is on correctly and the cable stays vertical as much as possible.

WARRANTY VOIDING ADVICE, use at your own risk:
about changing the 8p8c socket, yes if you have the correct tools it can be done. This is not a job for a hobbyist soldering iron though and you will need ROHS compliant solder. Digikey and Mouser both carry the correct socket. If I find the part number again I can PM it to you.