F300 csm configuration

help me configuration of f300 csm on 21 km distance


What kind of help do you need?
All you have to do is to set the proper Max Range on AP side for TDD PTP mode.
All the rest configuration depends on your needs.

Thank you.

sir i need complete AP & Station side configuration help on 21 km distance

Hello Usman,

have been able to log into the radios with credentials:
Username: admin and password: admin.
If so you following these steps:
For the access point side:

Scroll down and fill in this:

Then, have a look at this video for the remaining configurations:

For the SM side, follow this video, but do recall to match the SSID on both side, channel bandwidth (40 MHz), select the SM side the configured frequency on the access point and pre-shared key:

If you get any issue, let us know on the forurm.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe


hi bro, is there any new software update F300 csm,earlier version is 4.5.6?

4.5.6 is the latest release version, but if you want to join the Open Beta program, there is a beta of 4.6 available.

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The 4.6.0 Beta is at RC34 too… so it’s still beta, but it is reasonably mature. We’ve been running it across a hundred SM’s or so for a while and it seems to not have any deal breakers.

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Only thing I can add is:

  1. distance only matters on the AP side, set your max range to 22km (these things sometimes do not register if the max range is too close to the actual distance)

  2. read the user manual, admin guide and just about everything in Cambium University.

  3. if you havent yet already, use linkplanner to get a link plan and link budget. Without this you are going blind and may not have the correct antennas for this link.

  4. dont go cheap with the RF cables, get really good ones not cheap ones. Nothing less than lmr-100 with good connectors for cables up to 6ft, use lmr-200 or 400 for over 6ft. Get/make cables that are not cut to a function of the frequency length you plan to use, go half a wavelength more unless its an even multiple of the wave length, then add 1 third the multiple as well. The goal is to reduce the amount of standing waves that are in phase of the transmit and propgation loss.